26 June, 2008

Missy Kissy

Matilda is very cuddly and kissy this afternoon. I am loving it. She jumps up on the lounge next to me and kisses my cheek a heap of times and then cuddles me and snuggles in . . . thats my little girl . . thats the one I want to be here all the time!!

They are here!!

Our business cards arrived! Am so very very excited!! They are so pretty and will be great to hand out at the expo on saturday!!

I will scan one and upload it soon!!

Mega Update!!

Okay so I have my baby back . . my laptop is back where it belongs and it is so devine to have a faster computer and an even faster internet connection!!

In the world of crafting . . things are really on the go . . have been busy busy busy.

I have some dresses done and my new snap colours have arrived so I can get to completing those. I have a few more of the 000 and 00 sizes to finish up and also some little pants as well. I wanted to do more but its so hard when things are hectic and everywhere,

But I am trying to be really positive that I will do good on saturday and raise some really good business and revenue as I really could use that positive boost in my life at the moment.

On the Matilda front. . its still a very huge rollercoaster ride . . ups and downs constantly.

We had a good day yesterday . . she behaved good while we were out shopping and barely screamed at all ..  she even spent most of the day in cloth nappies!! Last night was a bit of a different story .. she woke quite a few times and just didnt want to be put back into bed ..  she wanted to sleep on me etc .. which is kinda hard when I am trying to do things.

I am looking into speech therapy and behaviour therapy as well . . she really needs something ..  I have got a copy of the daycares routine and am going to see about putting it into practice here at home and see how we go.

17 June, 2008


I am so very tired. Matilda is getting sick as am I and my mum. It is NOT fun at all. Seriously!!

On the craft front . . I made a gorgeous pair of red with white spot flares for Matilda and the flare is red with white stripes.. its very mega cool!!

My laptop is getting fixed. It needed a new motherboard. Its only 4 mths old. But the warranty covers it so should have my baby back by friday. And then I can post up some piccies of the latest.

I have some gorgeous knits that I am going to make up into some long sleeved tee dresses. God bless Ottobre!!

13 June, 2008

Bit of an update!!

I havent been able to blog as my dear dear laptop is off at the shop getting fixed. Needless to say I am NOT impressed as its only a few months old!!

I got 2 Ottobre the other day and am loving them to death!!

I also just finished a hoodie and although I had a few hiccups I must say I am very proud of the way it turned out .. just hope its loved as well!!

07 June, 2008

The crafty thang!

I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of my first Ottobre. I can not wait to get it.

I have the ordered outfit cut out and ready to be sewn.

I have been planning more flares for the expo.


So yesterday I get back from a little meet up out west at Macarthur. My laptop won't turn on. Hmm. Okay. Battery probably wasted. Plug it in. Nothing. Wait. Nothing.

3.5 mths old. Broken. NOT HAPPY JAN!!

05 June, 2008


I was naughty today. Pay day does that. I am broke for most of the time between that I want to get things there and then. It was all good though. I got Matilda 2 new jumpers .. she was growing out of them . .she is like a weed sometimes!! I picked up some more cord to make another outfit that someone has ordered. So thats great. More money coming in! I also picked up some flannel to make Matilda some PJ's. She really needs some .. once more. . she is outgrowing everything!!

I picked up a gorgeous piece of oriental pink fabric .. it is soooooooooooo pretty!!

04 June, 2008

Dad . . hospital . . again . .

Mum just rang and she is taking dad to the hospital. She took him back again to get him another Dr's certificate and also another check and his blood pressure is very high again so they recommended heading to the hospital . . after last time ..  ugh . . why the hell doesn't he learn .  I hope it is nothing . . his kidney is barely working as it is ..

03 June, 2008

Tuesday. .

Matilda is at daycare . .  the rain makes everything so much more difficult when you don't drive .. especially as dad is home and the car is just sitting there in the garage!! I am worried about her though . . she was crying when I left. .  we were going well and she was only doing her sad face and lip but I got this feeling that she isnt 100% .. .  I will ring them soon and check in on her before heading to the dentist.

He went to the Dr last night. Thank god. I could tell mum was so peeved at him for not going earlier. They said its gout. He knew that. They gave him a script but he has to check with the renal specialist first. I am hoping he approves it . .  he needs something . . he is in a lot of pain and basically living on the lounge at this point.  . . again!

02 June, 2008

Crafty Update!!

This is my latest creation for Matilda. Its made from gorgeous soft pinwhale cord!!

I am also working on some dresses for the expo that just needs snaps ..  will upload the pictures very soon!!

Counting Sheep

Matilda woke about 5am this morning . .  EEK!  . . I kept her amused for about 45mins in the bedroom before having to let her out . .luckily mums up for work by then so it wasn't a problem.

We were getting ready for playgroup and she was getting tired and wanted some milk . .okay .. milk it is . .and bam . .she is asleep . .5 minutes before we are supposed to get picked up for playgroup! Argh!! So I put her in bed and waited outside  . .and let them know . . and she is still asleep now . .she went to sleep just before 10 . . I hope she isn't getting sick again . . I WILL not be impressed at all!!

On a good note. .  my swollen face is basically gone and my mouth is only sore when I am yawning and a touch tender if you put pressure on it .. yay!!

Bloody Men!

My dad has a serious issue .. .really . . after all the medical stuff that has gone on the past few months with his failing kidney and the early onset diabetes and the minor heart attack . . you would think that he would wake up and realise if something urts or isn't good . .GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR!!

But noooooo . . his knee has been sore . .(his other knee) and wouldn't go get checked out and now he knows its gout .. but wont go to the Dr .. or well can't seeing as he can't drive with it like that and mum has to go to work . .so he is going to grunt and groan all day and I hate that so bad!!

He cant take his normal gout tablets as they aren't good for his kidney etc ..  so mum suggested ringing the renal specialist .. his response. . "No . .they said I can't " . . ugh . .how does he know ..  there might be another one he can take to help . . .

01 June, 2008


Need I say more!!

The week ahead

Monday - Playgroup Excursion
Tuesday - Daycare for Matilda, Dentist check up at 12.30 for me
Wednesday - Playgroup #2 - Maybe
Thursday - Daycare for Matilda
Friday - Undecided

I do need to get some more sewing done. So tuesday and thursday will have to get my bum into gear and get moving on that.

I have 3 swaps that need to be done as well.

2 for SoL and 1 for CM

Must get them started too!!

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Today was supposed to be a big NSW meet for the 4th anniversary of Bubhub . .  unfortunately the rain washed it all out and only one lovely family turned up. They were a great couple and had gorgeous kidlets ..  6 of them!! We had a nice little chat and the kidlets had fun playing . .  they did get a few wet bottoms and sandy pants but thats half the fun of being kid!!

I am hoping that maybe I can organise for it to be next sunday maybe . .  there was another motive behind the meet but that wasn't able to happen as well . . basically no one showed ..  it didnt rain the whole time but it was a little sad that no one made the effort to turn up anyways . . the one family that did came from a fair way out and had to bring a lot of kids as well . . that part always frustrates me . . so many are happy to have everyone travel to them but never to travel anywhere else . . its not just a single forum thing ..  it seems to be true IRL and online . . unfortunate but what can you do!! Just pull up your socks and keep going about your business!!

Matilda is over her bronchitis thankfully .. has the trail ends with a runny nose but that is also the ever changing weather mixed with daycare I think. She has a very sore looking nappy rash as well . .  so lots of little baths through the day. The poor thing. It isn't fun to have a sore bot bot!!

I have finally heard back from the lady we won the business cards from. She said that we should have some designs on monday . . that would be awesome . . we need them for the expo!!

Not long to go now ..  I had a bit of a bad dream about a market last night .. kinda freaky. . but has me more determined to have a good range of things for sale and make us some cash . .cause we really need it and the publicity as well!!