27 March, 2009

Toot . . toot . . chugga . . chugga

Another 2 for the shop! These size 4 pants are so cute and very funky and of course totally original!! The train was upcycled from a curtain I bought at the Salvos and then circus fabric I totally love and is a quilting fabric!

Dresses for the shop!

These darlings will be finding their way into the shop . . well . . except for the red as after getting it sewn up I decided I couldnt possibly part with it so it will be added to Matilda's winter collection . . but dont fear . . I do have more fabric!!

Stepping back in time . .

To the era of the flares! When bold colours were the it thing and nothing was a faux par!!

The brown/orange pair have been upcycled from a table cloth and the flower power pair is created from 2 different printed cords . .  the front has the orange and the back has the purple!

20 March, 2009

Oooh I'm a cheater!!

Well I will be as soon as these 120 crochet squares become a blanket!! Unfortunately they arent my own handiwork. My lovely little miss found these at a local Salvos for $5 . .  yes ..  an entire bag of wonderful!!

Mama Boast!

These lovely dudes are Matilda's latest creations . .  out of no where a few weeks back she started making her own little faces on circles of playdoh that I had cut out. I was very proud of her .  .  its a good step in the right direction!!

Charity Auction finishes tonight!

These 3 items were handmade by me for the Victorian Bushfire Charity Auction that ends tonight over at patchnappies.com . .  a totally worthwhile cause . .  I love the blue winter blossoms and I hope the little one that gets to wear will look adorable!!

Vintage Love!

This was today's creation from a devine little 50c pattern I managed to snaffle while on a recent trip. Its a size 4 so its a little big for the miss and I really do think the sleeves need an extra something ..  leaning more towards a bit of elastic to cinch them in a bit . . 

It went together pretty easy although the picot edging gave me some grief . .  a nice vintage touch though!

Princess of Punk!

This gorgeous little pinny is devinely pink with a hint of attitude!! Lined with soft white cotton poplin and will be finished off with double black snaps on each shoulder and a black bow also !

I will be listing it in my shop very soon!! Along with some other pinnys head this way soon!

13 March, 2009

Charity Auction Starts Tonight!

Bushfire Charity Auction starts tonight at 8pm (NSW  time)

All items are up for previewing already : http://patchnappies.com/category.php?SC=34

There is something for every body and every price range . . each little bit helps!!

This is an example of whats on offer :

Hungry Little Caterpillar Nappies and Sets
Boys Sets
Jewellery Sets
Finger Puppets
Craft Gift Certificates
Knitted Vest
Knitted Creatures
Shopping Bags

Running for a week there is plenty of time!!