27 April, 2009

Meet Lucy!

She arrived yesterday and is making herself very at home with her new sister Genevieve . . .  there will be much love to be shared and threads to be sewn !!

15 April, 2009

Fun in the sun . .

Over the long weekend, we headed over to Strathfield Park . .  its a lovely little spot in the middle of the burbs with 3  . . yes .. 3 playgrounds !! As well as a few soccer fields and basketball courts and some lovely bbq areas . . its always busy!!

A guarantee of sorts . .

We often have every parents favourite battle when it comes to getting dressed for the day . .  and at only 3 my little miss suddenly has her own ideas of what she wants to wear and what she wont wear!

I thought I had a few more yrs!!

So I tried out a new overall pattern with some funky dorothy flannelette . .  must admit I am not impressed with the pattern . .  will stick to my old one . . but here are they are anyways!

10 April, 2009

Happy Easter

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter!

06 April, 2009

Knit Wit!


Im slowly but surely conquering my fear of knits . .  they can be so pedantic to sew with . .  my overlocker will make them so much less scary I think . . well . . I hope!

This long top /  tunic /  dress thingo is for Matilda ..  a little big as its a size 4 but I am loving it . . its not perfect and I need some practice with my bindings . . the fabric is awesome for this type of top i think with the bell sleeves and such . .  knit is from CM of course!!

01 April, 2009

A Banana in Pyjamas . .

Is coming to the party! I went all out this year and decided that I would try a novely cake . . usually I go for the square or circle and just add something to the top . . but not this year ..  mummy made it special!! 

She hasnt seen it yet so I hope she loves it as much as I do! 

I am very proud of myself!

Three Whole Years Old!!

Well my little babygirl is now getting all grown up!! She turned 3 yesterday and we had a brilliant day .  . . made a special cake . .  she decorated it all herself without eating a single smartie!! My nan and pop came over to share the cake with us and bought over some a lovely solid wood doll cot as a present ..  Matilda loves it!!

It was just Matilda and I  . .  eating .. playing ..  unwrapping ..  laughing . . it was wonderful . . she was so well behaved as well , which made it an extra special day for both of us!!

Her party day is tomorrow . .  with all her little friends . . a toddler tea party with a special cake!!