29 December, 2008

Reversible Pinny!

Just a simple little number this time around. For a friend's daughter. They are visiting from interstate and thought that a little handmade dress would be a wonderful late christmas pressie for their little girl!! Its reversible . . pink with spots on one side and the gorgeous striped flowery patchwork on the other  . 

13 December, 2008

A dash of handmade christmas!

Thanks to a Crafty Mama called Tracy and her brillant tutorial . . I created these fantastic fabric trays!  

They are so simple to make  (in fact I made all 3 last night in the space of like a half hour!). . and are such a clever idea for all occassions!

These ones are christmas themed for a swap . . . they snap at the corners but can be stored flat and the best thing . . totally washable!!

They can be any size and height . . any colour . . these are going to be a favourite of mine as the possiblities are endless!

09 December, 2008

Mama made Mama skirt!

As part of yet another wonderful crafty swap I made this skirt for the Mama . . I thought it would be a nice change from kidlet clothing. I was scared at first not having made for grown up types but it turned out pretty good . .  some improvements for next time ..  it is a simple double layered circle skirt ..  I love the puffs out a bit thanks to the lining!

04 December, 2008


I just finished this set in readyness for a swap on a forum. Its for a gorgeous little princess yet to enter our world but she is sure to look good enough to eat in this little outfit! With a gathered swing top that snaps at the back for ease of dressing and matching frill legged bloomers!!

03 December, 2008

The Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List 2008

Yep . . that's right . . 

Check it out here

02 December, 2008

Christmas Recipes!

Just a little list of some Christmas Recipes I want to try very soon!!

Christmas Crackles

Marshmallow Trees

Peppermint Creams

Shining Stars

Christmas Windows

Jelly Slice

New White Christmas

Strawberry Ripple Sandwich

Night before Christmas Slice

Macaroon Kisses

Honey Cinnamon Christmas Trees

Orange Shortbread

Marshmallow Truffles

01 December, 2008

Stash Organising!

2 shelves down . . and a few more to fill . . all to easily unfortunately!! This has meant my mother could see the true extent of my stash . . and there is still more fabric in my room!!