07 April, 2010

Scary but true . . .

The big Three Zero next year . . unfortunately its been a pretty crappy day today . . 2.30am wake up . . entire salt shaker contents on the floor . . lots of rain . . dropped eggs on the kitchen floor . . just one of those days you wish it was tomorrow!!

Funky Polkadot Giraffe $25 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Funky Polkadot Giraffe $25 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Devine little ribbons .. in the form of mermaids .. cupcakes and bunnies . . oh my!!

31 March, 2010


The dairy free Lion cake I made for Matilda's little party!!

4 whole years old!

My once tiny 6 pound little pink bumblebee is now a whole 4 years old today . . its amazing how time flies . . its been an amazing journey thus far and I can not wait for the rest of our journey!

Mummy loves you Matilda!! Forever and always!!

16 March, 2010

The lovelies over at Crafty Mamas have all come together to create a little gem of a shopping heaven. Handmade goodness for anyone and everyone!

And of course my little contribution is there under my store name Autumn Apple

06 February, 2010

Cherubs Kiss!

One of my favourite sewers in the entire world .. who creates not only the yummiest of cloth nappies . . but is a lovely lovely lady to the max!

Check out her blog over here

She is having a special giveaway too!!

28 January, 2010

Love a happy customer!

I just had to share these photos of gorgeous Miss MJ in the latest dresses that her mummy bought for her , from me. She thinks my dresses are magical and was ever so excited to get a parcel addressed to her especially filled with them!!

07 January, 2010

Beautiful Matilda

A special update about my gorgeous Matilda.

For those that don't know she was diagnosed last june with autism and a developmental delay especially in her speech. Speech therapy has worked miracles because now the little sprite is NEVER quiet! Its still a trial some days but we are working together and getting there. She hopefully starts a new daycare centre which comes with extra help and support for her. We are also starting occupational therapy for her sensory issues.

I also find it very hard to believe that she will be 4 whole years old at the end of march.
Time flies!

She may be down right frustrating but who can resist that hat with curls peeking out!

Welcome to a new year!

Its quickly come upon us in a haze of tinsel and wrapping paper and then the chorus of happy new year . . but here we are . . 2010!

A year thats already full of changes . . moving into a house . . sewing again . . new therapies for my little missy . . a gorgeous boyfriend still by my side and a new car . .

Sewing is of course the highest agenda for show offs!

A gorgeous pair of size 4 mushroom flares
(which are currently for sale - $18)

A reversible russian doll pinny

I am also back into a few crafty swaps as well as organising a bag swap.
Its going to be a busy and hopefully creative and prosperous year!

14 November, 2009

A wonderful Swap!

I jumped back into another CM Swap. This one is for bags. I received the most gorgeous mary poppins nappy bag from Tas and I have used it every day .. !

29 October, 2009

Funky Jungle Change Mat

Nothing majorly hard or to exciting but I do love this fabric so much!

A friend ask me to create a change mat for her 2 youngest boys one of which is a toddler so it would be fitting for his size too . .

Its double sided and has 2 layers of PUL inside . . so its washable as well as waterproof . .

It will also have a snap tie on it as well !

21 October, 2009

The sew is back on!

I had lost a bit of motivation recently to sew . . so I thought what better way then to make myself something . . or better yet . . 2 somethings!!

19 October, 2009

Not just any plain jane!

This is a line from Michael Miller and I must admit I LOVE it. Its different in a kind of subtle retro wintery way.

18 September, 2009

Retro Summer!

Another one for the wardrobe! One of my favourite prints!

17 September, 2009

Style for Summer!

The beginning of Matilda's summer wardrobe . . I have another 2 cut out and ready to sew . .

02 September, 2009

Retro Mushies!

This little retro darling is for sale at $30. Its made from vintage look quilting fabric and lined with co-ordinating linen in a size 0 - 1

30 August, 2009

Super Special Sale cont

This dress is also $20

Sized 1 - 2

Lined with soft flannel

Please comment or email me at autumnappledesigns@gmail.com

Super Special Sale cont

This one is single sided and lined with cotton

This one is reversible

These dresses are for sale . . $20

These are sized 0-1

Please post here or email me at autumnappledesigns@gmail.com

Super Special Sale

These dresses are for sale . . $20

These are sized 2 - 3 and are reversible

Please post here or email me at autumnappledesigns@gmail.com

11 August, 2009

Boys Dino Blankets - For Sale!

I have 3 of these lovely double sided dino blankets for sale .. cot sized . . all cotton . . $15 including postage!