29 January, 2009

Mother to daughter . . .

Last week my mother handed me a little package . .  I had no clue what it was . .  until I opened it up to find the most gorgeous little embroidered hungarian dress . .  the same one I wore to my grandmother's wedding when I was a little thing . .  I had seen photos but never knew she still had it . . 

She said it would fit Matilda now . .  I almost cried . . its been washed and just needs a little bit of the hem fixed but how exciting and awesome to have Matilda wearing something I once wore.

I am going to surprise my grandmother on sunday when we visit , by having Matilda wear it!

21 January, 2009

Sneaky Peeky

A little sneak peek of some outfits soon to be available for the little prince in your life!

19 January, 2009

When I grow up . . .

I wanna be a rocket scientist!! How amazing are these boys prints I found on Fabric Worm!

18 January, 2009

And the winners are . . . . . .

After putting everyone's names in a bowl and having my mum draw out 2 names . . . . 

Congratulations go to . . . . 

Vicki and Natalie!!

Can you guys please let me know what size and if you have a preference for colours etc and I will get to sewing!!

Thank you to everyone for entering . . its been wonderful to see so many faces visiting and keep a look out ..  more creations will be posted soon and I am sure there are some more giveaways coming along too!!

13 January, 2009

Oh the girlyness!!

How absolutely devinely adorable is this skirt. . . its so pretty and girly and old fashioned ..  

Oh how I would love to put Matilda in something like this . . 

I found it on Craftster : http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=286949.msg3252119#msg3252119

11 January, 2009

100 Posts . . .

And to celebrate a centenary of posting . . I am giving away not one but two items!!

Two lucky winners!

A boys set and a girl's dress . . .  your more then welcome to put your hand up for both . .  or just let me know which . .  it will run for about a week so let everyone know!!

The dress will be a reversible pinnafore . . your choice of colours.

The boys set will be shorts and a matching tee with applique . .  your choice of print.

To win . .  just scroll on through my blog and leave a comment here, on what your favourite creation has been so far . .  and I will enter you into the draw!!

A new year . . .a new me . .

My new look for 2009 . . . 

My hair was once half way down my back . . but now its just long enough to tie it back if I need to . . 

What do you think?!

06 January, 2009


How gorgeous is this cowboy fabric . . one of those that you realise you should have bought more of at the time!!

I made this little outfit to go into my shop . .  its a size 0 and is made from cotton quilting fabric with a matching tee with rustic reversible applique . . 

Perfect for any little Cowboy!

04 January, 2009

I . .

I am: a mummy
I think: i always underestimate myself
I know:  that things can always get better
I have: a beautiful daughter
I wish:  for a future I can be proud of
I hate: stupid people
I miss: the good ol' days
I fear: getting hurt again
I hear: wiggles and a toddler trying to sing
I smell: toothpaste
I crave: sleep
I search: for motivation and willpower
I wonder:  what the world has in store for me tomorrow
I regret: nothing . .  I learn from my mistakes
I love:  the special ones
I ache: to be loved like I love
I am not: a victim . . 
I believe: in good things come to those who wait
I dance: when no one is watching
I sing: badly
I cry:  no where near as much as I used to ..  I miss it
I fight: for what needs to be fought for
I win: sometimes
I lose: sometimes
I never:  have enough fabric ;) 
I always: think the grass is greener . . 
I confuse: myself most of the time
I listen: more  often then I take advice
I can usually be found: being used as a human jumping castle
I am scared: not often enough
I need: validation
I am happy about: bits and pieces
I imagine: that one day it will be true . . 

Let's hear all about YOU!

Out and about!

We had a blast out and about last friday with some good friends down from Queensland. It had been a while since we had seen them but Matilda and Taiya ( T is 6 mths older then M ) were straight away friends again . . its so nice to see. We hit Darling Harbour as well as the Maritime Museum and the girls had an absolute ball . . I definitely have a water baby !!

The museum had some school holiday activities happening which included arts and crafts and a waterworld . . guess which was Matilda's fave!

She also had a lot of fun in the water feature that lays in the midst of Darling Harbours walkway . .

Zoom . .zoom. . . zoom!

This is Matilda's new ride. Her current one is just about to collapse and I didnt want that happening with her in it or during a busy week in which we really need it ! I got 15% off as well which was nice.

But I must admit it is very hard to find a somewhat decent simple stroller for less than $200 . .