04 January, 2009

I . .

I am: a mummy
I think: i always underestimate myself
I know:  that things can always get better
I have: a beautiful daughter
I wish:  for a future I can be proud of
I hate: stupid people
I miss: the good ol' days
I fear: getting hurt again
I hear: wiggles and a toddler trying to sing
I smell: toothpaste
I crave: sleep
I search: for motivation and willpower
I wonder:  what the world has in store for me tomorrow
I regret: nothing . .  I learn from my mistakes
I love:  the special ones
I ache: to be loved like I love
I am not: a victim . . 
I believe: in good things come to those who wait
I dance: when no one is watching
I sing: badly
I cry:  no where near as much as I used to ..  I miss it
I fight: for what needs to be fought for
I win: sometimes
I lose: sometimes
I never:  have enough fabric ;) 
I always: think the grass is greener . . 
I confuse: myself most of the time
I listen: more  often then I take advice
I can usually be found: being used as a human jumping castle
I am scared: not often enough
I need: validation
I am happy about: bits and pieces
I imagine: that one day it will be true . . 

Let's hear all about YOU!