30 October, 2008

Girl's Night In update!

Tuesday's Girl's Night In at the park was a great success! We raised just over $200!! Not bad for a bunch of mummies hey!!

28 October, 2008

A wee scottie!

A devine little handmade scotty dog named McTavish is going to a new home and oh how Id love to give him one!!

Check him out here : http://draffinbears.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-very-first-blog-giveaway.html

Cupcakes!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh my my my! Its a devine cupcake giveaway!!

All that pink and cuteness!

Check it out over here : http://www.scarymommy.com/2008/10/manic-monday.html

27 October, 2008

Girl's Night In : Girl's Day Out

To help with breast cancer research and to raise funds . . a group of people from a forum I frequent are having a get together to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Its a pink park day!

Everyone is bringing something to eat and some of us are donating items for a silent auction to increase the money raised!

Some boys shorts are coming from me . . I will be posting pictures once they are complete and will post pics of the day tomorrow also!

So if you can spare some $$ . . please donate to a very worth cause!

26 October, 2008

Autumn Apple is coming!

After some sleepless nights I have decided to give Autumn Apple another try. For those that don't know what Autumn Apple is the name I used for my own clothing range. Things didnt go so well last time but I am determined . . with new ideas in mind . . to try my best to get it up and running again. I do need another logo though . . the one above was designed in word . . its not to bad but I do think I need a photoshopper to fix it up or help me with a new one!

I just ordered some basic clothing tattoos (labels) to go on my products . . 50 of them for $19.95 as a starter . .  

Custom Crafting!

A friend has opened her own little crafty haven and she does some amazing custom crafts! They make fantastic gifts or even something for yourself! Check her out by clicking here!

Pay it forward!

I'm not sure where this started exactly but it is a fabulously dynamic idea!!

The idea is that everyone can pay it forward with something handmade (the best sort! )

I put my hand up at Blackbird Sewing in the Night

I now offer to give the first 3 people who comment to this post . . something handmade for them or their family . .  within 365 days . .  and they in turn .. by commenting . . agree to the same to another 3 people !!

So . .  who's in !!

Stay Tuned . . .

And to celebrate Autumn Apple is having 2 christmas giveaways!!

25 October, 2008

Spring Swap!

This lovely spring special was made for a little miss yet to make her entrance into the world ..  it is a little big but we all know how fast babies grow!

It has also been entered into a CM challenge . . the theme was "An English Garden"!

24 October, 2008

Pixie Paradise!

I got a lovely package today with some devine Portabello Pixie Patterns!

Stay tuned for further information!

23 October, 2008

Sneak Peek

Just a sneak peek at a new line I am creating for summer ;)

22 October, 2008


After seeing some lovely designs made from these old fashioned magazines I just could not resist getting some of my own . . they truly are delish!!

I just need some more paper to draft up the patterns!

Nappy Bag Giveaway!

How gorgeous is this devine nappy bag!! Such a generous giveaway and I have my fingers crossed I can be lucky!! My nappy bag is falling apart and I have been using green bags as well ! So not a good fashion statement!!

Check it out!

21 October, 2008

Oppy Finds!

These are Osh Kosh and are a dark blue with cherries . . they are a bit big . . but she will grow into them . . they are like overalls but big and puffy . . a bargain!

This set is actually a very light purple gingham . so nice for summer and the top buttons all the way down the back!

This is a skirt and top that ties at the tummy . . upon closer inspection it is actually handmade!!

Chugga Chugga!

After dropping Matilda off at daycare today . . my mum and I had a bit of a girl's shopping day .. hasn't happened in a long time that it was just and I .. it was great fun though!! We hit a local op shop and found Matilda some gorgeous outfits which I will post later but I nearly cried when I found this gorgeous fabric (It looks like almost a single bed size). . Isnt it devine!

Now what to make with it !!

20 October, 2008


I can finally show these sets off . . they were for a crafty swap and I was so chuffed with them . . especially the brown fine cord . . the Applique was a first for me really and although it wasnt perfect . . it turned out pretty alright!!

Playground Madness!

Friday we headed out west to meet up with some friends . . it had been a while since we saw some of them and it truly amazes me just how fast little ones grow!! We started off at a park but it soon got very hot so McDonalds became the place .. kids love their playgrounds and they are always contained which makes for less chasing of Matilda!

Frocking Awesome!!

I finally made something from one of my precious Ottobre Magazines . .

I call it a bandana dress . . not sure why but hey . . it works

And I am loving this blue fabric . . the underskirt is a crushed white cotton and I went hunting for something to match . . the pattern and the blue just leaped out at me . . and Matilda looks a dream in blue as well!

11 October, 2008

The Epitomy of Coolness

Don't you just love that the only sunglasses that kidlets will keep on . . is yours!!

The boys are back in town . .

It seems lately all I am doing is pants for the little men of the world!! But I don't mind . . nice change from the pink flowers . . though I do love them too! These 2 pairs of pants were for a stranger . .  on a forum I visit they have a wish thread and someone was after wide leg cotton pants for their little man ..  well . . ta daaaaaaaaaaa!!

07 October, 2008

Crafty Goodness

Don't fret good crafty friends ..  I am on board . .  just slow and my little missy moo hasnt been well . . but we are back on track now !

I have finished a few pairs of cuffed pants . .one for a wish swap and one for a forum swap . . pics of them soon!

Started on a Vader Vest for a friends little man ..  my machine wasn't playing nice so it didnt come out near as nice as I wanted ..  so may have to see about redoing that or perhaps reusing it . .

Also have some other projects on the go but all shall be revealed!