26 October, 2008

Pay it forward!

I'm not sure where this started exactly but it is a fabulously dynamic idea!!

The idea is that everyone can pay it forward with something handmade (the best sort! )

I put my hand up at Blackbird Sewing in the Night

I now offer to give the first 3 people who comment to this post . . something handmade for them or their family . .  within 365 days . .  and they in turn .. by commenting . . agree to the same to another 3 people !!

So . .  who's in !!


Kat said...

Ok Krissy - I'm in! LIfe's too short to be scared! And hey, I've got a year to get it to you, right?? cheers, Kat (Musikat on CM)

Krissy said...

You have it backwards!! I have to make you something!!

Just let me know who you'd like it for!

Kat said...

yes I just realised that *lol*

Something for my 4-yr-old boy I think. He often misses out on the hand-made stakes because he doesn't wear dresses :)

thanks Krissy :)

krissy said...

It will be my absolute pleasure!!

Just let me know his size and anything he likes and will see what we can come up with!

Kat said...

He is size 5 and he loves batman and robin, spaceships and rockets and cars. He's a simple little soul :) Thanks again - got to go and post the pic on my blog now :)

sweetness said...