31 July, 2008

Just a little bit of country!

I finished these 2 little cushions off today for a SoLer . . She wanted 2 little cushions to go onto a white cane chair. .  they are about 10 inches square and I also made the cushion inserts so the covers are washable. . . 

30 July, 2008


I finally finished off 2 things that have been sitting unfinished in the sewing container and thought I would share them . . They were my first 2 goes at something like this but they turned out pretty sweet!!

Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Popcorn Bloomer and Blouse GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

This has to be one of the cutest little sets for a little girl . . imagine a little miss in the yard wearing that over summer . . how absolutely devine . . I love the brown edging she has done ..  truly an inspired creation!!

It would be perfect for Christy's little miss harlo!! She is such a pretty thing . . this would match devinely!!

Spring or summer . . but oh so pretty!!

I just finished off this gorgeous bright pink polka dot skirt for Matilda with some gorgeous jumbo white ric rac on the edging for that extra contrast!! The waist band is FOE . .  I watched a tutorial this morning by Angry Chicken on FOE and its so perfect for skirts!! Its instant gathering!!

26 July, 2008

Mumma Made Clothes in Action!

I finally managed to get some photos of Matilda wearing something I had made you. My skinny girl is also a very tall girl . . so although its meant to be a dress its better as a top . . nice and warm too with flannelette inside .. and who doesn't love a scotty dog print!!

25 July, 2008

My Dancing Matilda!!

Check her out here 

This is a gorgeous video of Matilda at playgroup doing the actions to a Wiggles Song :D

24 July, 2008

Op Shops Rock!

I picked up the most gorgeous piece of retro fabric at the Op Shop yesterday . . its a linen type fabric and its the funkiest retro design and colours . . 

My only issue now is deciding what in the world to make with it . . I considered a bag for me but I think it really isnt strong enough . . definitely something for Matilda.

So many choices!!

22 July, 2008

Funk up your pram!!

Thats what I did and oh boy  .. .  talk about devine ..  it looks so cool ..  I recommend everyone does it . . make it yours. . make it personal .. 

This one is a faux fur of hot pink and black . . the photo doesn't really do it justice but here it is!!

20 July, 2008

Tutorial Heaven!

God bless this girl for putting this together . . it is awesomely fantastic!!

Tutorial List

I cant wait to check them all out when I get my laptop back on monday!!

18 July, 2008

Some Free Patterns

Some free patterns . .

Easy Kids Pants

17 July, 2008

Pinata Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Pinata Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

I am in love with so many of the gorgeous creations on this blog! And to think she is even generous enough to share her creations . . that is a true artist . . this party pinata pinafore reminds of a mexican fiesta!!

Mummy & Matilda


Just wanted to show off this tattoo that was drawn up for me by a lovely stranger . . I adore it and hopefully will get it done one day . . . .

Can you see what it says!

Crafty Goodness!

Don't you love it when you get an idea and it all just comes together so perfectly or even better then you though!! Well that is what happened with this dress I made for Matilda . . it was a spur of the moment thought and it just had to be made the next day!! I am going to add some white snaps which offset beautifully with the stripes!

Mum has also been busy knitting as well and made this gorgeous jumper for Matilda . . . and its so warm and snuggly!!

07 July, 2008

Current Projects

I made a few fleece backed blankets for the show . . some turned out so very well . . I am hoping to sell them

They are in this album here

My line of winter pinafores fully lined with lovely lush flannel failed to sell . . I was disappointed as I was very proud of them .. I sold one . . that was all . . I made sizes 000 to 4

They are in this album here

Catch up

Just a quick catch up about what has been happening of late.

My laptop is back in the shop . . to say I am unimpressed is a massive understatement. Its way beyond a joke for a 4 month old brand new machine.

The Expo was a HUGE flop. I sold 2 things. We had maybe 80 people come through where we were promised at least 500 . .

I now have a mass of stock I do need to move so I am working on a new online shop front to do just that.

I also need to start working on a budget .. being so up and down lately I have resorted to my old friend retail therapy and it just isnt a good thing!!