28 January, 2010

Love a happy customer!

I just had to share these photos of gorgeous Miss MJ in the latest dresses that her mummy bought for her , from me. She thinks my dresses are magical and was ever so excited to get a parcel addressed to her especially filled with them!!

07 January, 2010

Beautiful Matilda

A special update about my gorgeous Matilda.

For those that don't know she was diagnosed last june with autism and a developmental delay especially in her speech. Speech therapy has worked miracles because now the little sprite is NEVER quiet! Its still a trial some days but we are working together and getting there. She hopefully starts a new daycare centre which comes with extra help and support for her. We are also starting occupational therapy for her sensory issues.

I also find it very hard to believe that she will be 4 whole years old at the end of march.
Time flies!

She may be down right frustrating but who can resist that hat with curls peeking out!

Welcome to a new year!

Its quickly come upon us in a haze of tinsel and wrapping paper and then the chorus of happy new year . . but here we are . . 2010!

A year thats already full of changes . . moving into a house . . sewing again . . new therapies for my little missy . . a gorgeous boyfriend still by my side and a new car . .

Sewing is of course the highest agenda for show offs!

A gorgeous pair of size 4 mushroom flares
(which are currently for sale - $18)

A reversible russian doll pinny

I am also back into a few crafty swaps as well as organising a bag swap.
Its going to be a busy and hopefully creative and prosperous year!