27 November, 2008

Lunch anyone!!

I just ordered 2 of these delightfully delicious crochet sandwiches!! One is white bread with devon and the other will be multigrain with ham . . and they come with lettuce and tomato and onion and cucumber and beetroot and cheese!! And all for $10!!

And I couldnt resist the devine little christmas puddings ($4 each) ..  just perfect for holiday squishing!

20 November, 2008

More of the Oppy Shoppy! Part 2

The top is a piece of fabric .. so bright and vibrant! The next 2 are table cloths folded in 4 ..  so you can see how the design goes all about ..  I love how soft these are! A stack of little crochet doily type things and some patterns!!

Now for the Oppy Shoppy part 1

Yes yes ..  I know . . I have been naughty .. but its my one day I get to do so every 2 weeks and being from the Op Shop the money spent is nothing really !! I picked up some gorgeous pillow cases which will become shorts/skirts and also some gorgeously soft table cloths!!

I managed to get 2 of most of the pillowcases luckily!!

God bless SL renovations part 2

And yes .. more ..  I cant believe just how much was on these rolls for $5 and its double sided knit as well ..  makes for funky hemlines!

God bless SL renovations part 1

Tables full of $5 rolls of fabric . . I withheld all week ..  until today! I just could NOT wait any more and I am kicking myself kinda as well. To think of all the bargains I missed out on considering I got some today and there was almost nothing left!! So here is what I picked up . . each being $5 ..  total bargain! The top 2 pictures are a cotton and cotton voile ..  the lower is a knit. 

So mummy and matilda are going to have a lot of matching summer PJ pants!!

17 November, 2008

Nappy making is NOT for me!

Its been a long time since I attempted a nappy but thought why not today ..  and lets just say ..  nappies really arent my thing!! I think I will stick to everything else and let others make them for me! Here is the nappy though! It has a funky cord ..  hidden PUL . .  suedecloth inner with bamboo snap ins . . 

09 November, 2008

Autumn Apple's Temp Home!

Autumn Apple has itself a temporary home at the moment as a Facebook Group while I get to sewing and creating the new lines for the coming summer!

I uploaded a tonne of photos into the gallery of the many things I have made over time to give everyone an idea of what I can do.

Check out the gallery here

Special Birthday Duds!!

A friends little man had his first birthday party yesterday and oh boy did he have a blast (bar a little accident with a pirate hat!). He devoured his cupcakes like a trooper and lapped up all the attention of course! I made up these 2 sets as his present as I know his mum had been eyeing off similar ones elsewhere and I know she loves him in red also!

The red set is made with a soft dark denim for the shorts with an aboriginal print cuff and co-ordinating tee with reverse applique patches.

The brown set is made with a fine brown pinwhale cord for the shorts with a puppy dog print cuff and a tee with reverse applique once more.

My first go at the reverse applique and I do love the effect as the edges curl!!

06 November, 2008

More Oppy Finds

This dress has the most delicious applique of a little girl on it . . for only $5 and the applique is done in all varying velour colours!!

And the other dress was just to pretty to pass up for $4.50!!

We wish you a merry christmas . .

I bought some chrissy fabric today to get started on my christmas range . . so keep an eye out on the blog . . boys and girls will be catered for!!

I also found the gorgeous cowboys and puppies .. quilting fabric .. also so funky!

04 November, 2008

Charity Auction

Get on over ... 

SoL Charity Auction supporting SIDS & Careflight

Have a look and get ready to start bidding tomorrow night at 8pm!!

03 November, 2008

Birth of a binky!

Awww this is binky's first photo since her birth . . isnt she just going to grow up to be the most huggable little munchkin!!

Mama Boho Bag

I thought I would share this awesome bag with everyone .. its a great tutorial and an awesome bag to make as well !

Here is the link : http://bohomamabag.blogspot.com/