20 November, 2008

God bless SL renovations part 1

Tables full of $5 rolls of fabric . . I withheld all week ..  until today! I just could NOT wait any more and I am kicking myself kinda as well. To think of all the bargains I missed out on considering I got some today and there was almost nothing left!! So here is what I picked up . . each being $5 ..  total bargain! The top 2 pictures are a cotton and cotton voile ..  the lower is a knit. 

So mummy and matilda are going to have a lot of matching summer PJ pants!!


sweetness said...


why didnt you tell me?

i should head over there later tonight....but i bet i missed all the bargains...

Amanda said...

I have that heart fabric - isn't it adorable. What are you going to make with it?? I made pj's and undies.