09 November, 2008

Special Birthday Duds!!

A friends little man had his first birthday party yesterday and oh boy did he have a blast (bar a little accident with a pirate hat!). He devoured his cupcakes like a trooper and lapped up all the attention of course! I made up these 2 sets as his present as I know his mum had been eyeing off similar ones elsewhere and I know she loves him in red also!

The red set is made with a soft dark denim for the shorts with an aboriginal print cuff and co-ordinating tee with reverse applique patches.

The brown set is made with a fine brown pinwhale cord for the shorts with a puppy dog print cuff and a tee with reverse applique once more.

My first go at the reverse applique and I do love the effect as the edges curl!!


Ylana said...

Those little sets are gorgeous! I really love the first one... do you sell them at all? they look fantastic!

Krissy said...

Thank you!!

Yes I do sell them . . have just started up my business again and have quite a few boys sets in the making as they seem to be hard to find!!

Ylana said...

Ooh very exciting! i cant wait to see the other sets too then.. where do you sell them?

Krissy said...

I don't have anywhere at the moment. But will probably list them on Etsy or Made-It .. otherwise I can just sell through here!!

Ylana said...

Cool! Well when you have some to sell (in say a size 2 ;) ) let me know! hahahaha!