30 July, 2008

Spring or summer . . but oh so pretty!!

I just finished off this gorgeous bright pink polka dot skirt for Matilda with some gorgeous jumbo white ric rac on the edging for that extra contrast!! The waist band is FOE . .  I watched a tutorial this morning by Angry Chicken on FOE and its so perfect for skirts!! Its instant gathering!!


Sara said...

WTG Krissy with the FOE!
That skirt is perfect for Matilda.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did an awesome job! Looks great on her too!

Katie said...

That skirt is great! very 1950's , I can just see her swirling and twirling.
P.S I tagged you hehehe check out my blog for the rules.
xox Katie

KaM said...

Thanks girls!