26 October, 2008

Autumn Apple is coming!

After some sleepless nights I have decided to give Autumn Apple another try. For those that don't know what Autumn Apple is the name I used for my own clothing range. Things didnt go so well last time but I am determined . . with new ideas in mind . . to try my best to get it up and running again. I do need another logo though . . the one above was designed in word . . its not to bad but I do think I need a photoshopper to fix it up or help me with a new one!

I just ordered some basic clothing tattoos (labels) to go on my products . . 50 of them for $19.95 as a starter . .  


Jade said...

I quite like the logo - simple, not too cluttered. I do know of someone who did my logo, think it was $30-50 though, just depends on whether you want to spend that money.

John and Kate plus 2 said...


I can ask john to redesign one for you if you like? No money necessary but if you wanted to make Baby Robs a lovely pair of shorts I suppose I couldn't say no ;) :p That said I like the one you've got now too.

Hinklebum said...

can i ask where you got your labels from?

Kim said...

oh yay your giving it another go!! i hope this time it works out hun!!!

The Handmaden said...

Good on you for having another go, I really hope it works out better this time.

Krissy said...

Thanks girls!

I got them from stuckonyou.biz and they should be arriving any day now! So excited!

I so hope I can get things moving this time!!