21 October, 2008

Chugga Chugga!

After dropping Matilda off at daycare today . . my mum and I had a bit of a girl's shopping day .. hasn't happened in a long time that it was just and I .. it was great fun though!! We hit a local op shop and found Matilda some gorgeous outfits which I will post later but I nearly cried when I found this gorgeous fabric (It looks like almost a single bed size). . Isnt it devine!

Now what to make with it !!


naomi said...

nice one Kam! You will have lots of fun with that:)

sweetness said...

i hate you so much right now! where in the heck did you find that you lucky biatch!

KaM said...

Anglicare Op Shop at Burwood Station ;)

Maybe we should go hunt down the ones on the north shore .. they seem to be the winners!!

Or the new one at blacktown!

sweetness said...

i didnt even know there was any there, i used to frequent burwood alot with the korean ex boyfriend lol.

haha yes, we need to find out where the ones at the north shore are, as long as they arent exxy.

yes, the new one at blacktown!