13 December, 2008

A dash of handmade christmas!

Thanks to a Crafty Mama called Tracy and her brillant tutorial . . I created these fantastic fabric trays!  

They are so simple to make  (in fact I made all 3 last night in the space of like a half hour!). . and are such a clever idea for all occassions!

These ones are christmas themed for a swap . . . they snap at the corners but can be stored flat and the best thing . . totally washable!!

They can be any size and height . . any colour . . these are going to be a favourite of mine as the possiblities are endless!


sweetness said...

what a brilliant idea!

Little Munchkins said...

They look great! I have seen some tutorials on these and always mean to try them. I think I really should do it....they would be great for keeping all those little toys.