05 June, 2008


I was naughty today. Pay day does that. I am broke for most of the time between that I want to get things there and then. It was all good though. I got Matilda 2 new jumpers .. she was growing out of them . .she is like a weed sometimes!! I picked up some more cord to make another outfit that someone has ordered. So thats great. More money coming in! I also picked up some flannel to make Matilda some PJ's. She really needs some .. once more. . she is outgrowing everything!!

I picked up a gorgeous piece of oriental pink fabric .. it is soooooooooooo pretty!!


Taiche said...

OOOh I would love to see a pic of the oriental fabric.. :D
I really understand the broke between paydays, I am still waiting for my machine to get fixed so I can make some spare cash...:( firstly to pay for the machine being fixed!!! Ahh well It won't be forever..