02 June, 2008

Counting Sheep

Matilda woke about 5am this morning . .  EEK!  . . I kept her amused for about 45mins in the bedroom before having to let her out . .luckily mums up for work by then so it wasn't a problem.

We were getting ready for playgroup and she was getting tired and wanted some milk . .okay .. milk it is . .and bam . .she is asleep . .5 minutes before we are supposed to get picked up for playgroup! Argh!! So I put her in bed and waited outside  . .and let them know . . and she is still asleep now . .she went to sleep just before 10 . . I hope she isn't getting sick again . . I WILL not be impressed at all!!

On a good note. .  my swollen face is basically gone and my mouth is only sore when I am yawning and a touch tender if you put pressure on it .. yay!!