02 June, 2008

Bloody Men!

My dad has a serious issue .. .really . . after all the medical stuff that has gone on the past few months with his failing kidney and the early onset diabetes and the minor heart attack . . you would think that he would wake up and realise if something urts or isn't good . .GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR!!

But noooooo . . his knee has been sore . .(his other knee) and wouldn't go get checked out and now he knows its gout .. but wont go to the Dr .. or well can't seeing as he can't drive with it like that and mum has to go to work . .so he is going to grunt and groan all day and I hate that so bad!!

He cant take his normal gout tablets as they aren't good for his kidney etc ..  so mum suggested ringing the renal specialist .. his response. . "No . .they said I can't " . . ugh . .how does he know ..  there might be another one he can take to help . . .


Tracy said...

I hope your dad sees sense and gos to the doctors.
Congratulations on the blog :)

Krisseh said...

Thanks hun! I always have trouble keeping them but I am determined this time!!

Men hey . . I just don't understand what is so scary about a Dr!