03 June, 2008

Tuesday. .

Matilda is at daycare . .  the rain makes everything so much more difficult when you don't drive .. especially as dad is home and the car is just sitting there in the garage!! I am worried about her though . . she was crying when I left. .  we were going well and she was only doing her sad face and lip but I got this feeling that she isnt 100% .. .  I will ring them soon and check in on her before heading to the dentist.

He went to the Dr last night. Thank god. I could tell mum was so peeved at him for not going earlier. They said its gout. He knew that. They gave him a script but he has to check with the renal specialist first. I am hoping he approves it . .  he needs something . . he is in a lot of pain and basically living on the lounge at this point.  . . again!