26 June, 2008

Mega Update!!

Okay so I have my baby back . . my laptop is back where it belongs and it is so devine to have a faster computer and an even faster internet connection!!

In the world of crafting . . things are really on the go . . have been busy busy busy.

I have some dresses done and my new snap colours have arrived so I can get to completing those. I have a few more of the 000 and 00 sizes to finish up and also some little pants as well. I wanted to do more but its so hard when things are hectic and everywhere,

But I am trying to be really positive that I will do good on saturday and raise some really good business and revenue as I really could use that positive boost in my life at the moment.

On the Matilda front. . its still a very huge rollercoaster ride . . ups and downs constantly.

We had a good day yesterday . . she behaved good while we were out shopping and barely screamed at all ..  she even spent most of the day in cloth nappies!! Last night was a bit of a different story .. she woke quite a few times and just didnt want to be put back into bed ..  she wanted to sleep on me etc .. which is kinda hard when I am trying to do things.

I am looking into speech therapy and behaviour therapy as well . . she really needs something ..  I have got a copy of the daycares routine and am going to see about putting it into practice here at home and see how we go.