01 June, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!!

Today was supposed to be a big NSW meet for the 4th anniversary of Bubhub . .  unfortunately the rain washed it all out and only one lovely family turned up. They were a great couple and had gorgeous kidlets ..  6 of them!! We had a nice little chat and the kidlets had fun playing . .  they did get a few wet bottoms and sandy pants but thats half the fun of being kid!!

I am hoping that maybe I can organise for it to be next sunday maybe . .  there was another motive behind the meet but that wasn't able to happen as well . . basically no one showed ..  it didnt rain the whole time but it was a little sad that no one made the effort to turn up anyways . . the one family that did came from a fair way out and had to bring a lot of kids as well . . that part always frustrates me . . so many are happy to have everyone travel to them but never to travel anywhere else . . its not just a single forum thing ..  it seems to be true IRL and online . . unfortunate but what can you do!! Just pull up your socks and keep going about your business!!

Matilda is over her bronchitis thankfully .. has the trail ends with a runny nose but that is also the ever changing weather mixed with daycare I think. She has a very sore looking nappy rash as well . .  so lots of little baths through the day. The poor thing. It isn't fun to have a sore bot bot!!

I have finally heard back from the lady we won the business cards from. She said that we should have some designs on monday . . that would be awesome . . we need them for the expo!!

Not long to go now ..  I had a bit of a bad dream about a market last night .. kinda freaky. . but has me more determined to have a good range of things for sale and make us some cash . .cause we really need it and the publicity as well!!