26 August, 2008

Funky Pencil Rolls

I am finally able to share my 3 Pencil Roll Creations!! After seeing these on a few blogs and reading a few tutorials and thanks to my special Ninja Pants . .  I made these for a Craft Swap. One for each of the swapees little boys!

It is quilting fabric from Spotlight and I love it ..  usually the quilting fabric doesn't jump out me but all these did and were perfect!!

The first one is trains on the outside and a glorious collection of trains and cars on the inside . . this same fabric was used on the second but with a co-ordinating car fabric on the outside instead. The final roll has retro guitars with musical notes inside to finish it off. They are tied off with soft black knitted elastic.

The possiblities are endless for these rolls. .  knitting, crochet, pencils, pens . . gifts galore!!