11 August, 2008

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

Nantucket Weekend GIVEAWAY!!!!

The black and white checked pattern and white trimmed shorts reminded me of the classic New England look. Unfortunately, here in Pennsylvania we don't have too many lighthouses. That would have been my ideal setting. My second plan was walking down to the local docks. However, sailboats just aren't practical here so the only watercrafts to photograph were either pontoon or paddle boats. Not very Nantucket.

This giveaway is for the shirt AND the shorts. Around the neckline of the shirt I sewed a ruffled collar. I also sewed a velvet black ribbon into the waist that ties at the front. The shorts are black with two pockets on the side. Both pockets are lined with white trim as well as the ends of the leg holes. Lily looked like she was ready to run to the market with her black and canvas bag. All she needs is a baguette and head of lettuce.

Lily is fairly thin for a four-year old. Case in point, she wore one of Molly's skirts to Hersheypark....A 6-9 month skirt! So I would say that this outfit would fit a child around 2T to 3T.

This outfit is so tre chic . . very french riviera!! It would be so cute for picnics as spring and summer make their way into the Australian weather!!